Sunday, June 20, 2010

fish and dogs and dads

why not a review?

so, we have done a bit of exploring Holland and Grand Haven...just scratching the surface, mind you, but it is cool to be so close to fun tourist towns. and wierd.

we ventured into Holland last thursday, blissfully unaware that the streets would be filled with musicians and street performers...but it was cool and the kids enjoyed the juggling mime!

(personally i think mimes have issues. big ones.)

anywho, we popped into 8th steet grille for a bite...little miss m wanted fish sticks. and sadly, when we ordered fish and chips that's kinda what we got...just really large, deep fried fish sticks. Not horrible, mind you...just...well...little kid food meant to be grown-up food.

it kept us from starvation.

they have some pretty yummy soups that are homemade, so that improved things a bit, but not much. i doubt we'll go back. thankfully, holland has much more to offer. look for a review of boatwerks coming soon :)

friday we headed into grand haven and ate some truly delicious chili dogs at downtown dogs....cute dog joint with all the usual offerings: chili fries, kraut dogs and shakes. yum. go next time you are in grand haven! i plan to have a permanent butt print on one of the retro red stools.

much more than starvation-prevention, peeps.

finally, the best food we had in the past 4 days was absolutely,'s homesick-curing big breakfast. thick bacon, dearborn ham, eggs cooked in piggy fat, english muffins, waffles...ooooh so good. i won't eat again for a week.

(where are my stretchy pants?)

happy father's day, dad. i love you. and not just because you are one of 3 people who read my blog.

but it's a big part of it.

umm numm!

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