Thursday, June 17, 2010

ok, first up: a rant!


so has anyone else watched much of the new cooking channel? i've watched an embarrassing amount of the food network and have few problems with it...well, except for emeril since he's a tool and I doubt he can actually cook...


the cooking channel seems to be filled with jerky, self important snobs who have taken ALL the joy out of cooking and eating by intellectualizing it. jerks, i say.

i really hate that cooking in all its wonderous, myriad forms has become so much less about the food and so much more about the, ahem, chefs.

case in point: one particular program highlighted a couple of wierd, bearded, amish-looking brothers (although clearly NOT amish, just so self-important that they can now eschew all standards of hygiene and general presentability) who desire to "bring the people closer to how chocolate is actually made".

the show goes on to show us how they accomplish this: mainly through the use of pompous machines with pompous, complicated names and really pompous, complicated procedures...and of course this is all delivered to the camera in the most dour, unsmiling and super-pompous way possible by said wierdos.

they even hand wrap their chocolate bars. by hand.

did i mention they design their own wrappers? yep. all by themselves.

yeah, I feel closer to the chocolate now, man.

sigh. why can't people get over themselves? it's not heart surgery, dudes. it's food.

think i'll make some brownies now.

no, they won't come out of a box but i promise they will not be hand wrapped.

um num!


  1. The only Food Network show I watch is Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives. Probably because he showcases real people making real food that people love. I totally get your point about the others. Bobby Flay use to be cool, and now I avoid him like the plague!

  2. ooooh,i agree, alison. bobby is soooo full of celebrity chef. whatever, dude. and, he's not even cute.