Wednesday, June 16, 2010

well, hello blog!

first blog ever. cool.

it's a bit like dear diary, isn't it? only a whole lot less private. well, and there's probably less kissing of boys, fighting with girls and pissing about rotten parents...soooo that's good.

my head is always spinning with mostly useless information and up until now I have not had a good outlet and my put-upon hubby is probably sick of listening to, here. we. are.

hopefully, this blog will be part rant, part restaurant review (if I ever find a sitter), part reflection, part recipe.

that's a lot of parts, peeps.

might take awhile to be, you know, useful to anyone!

...umm, if ever.

oh yeah, and I'm gonna try to be funny, too.

mostly, i'm just trying to live it big...thus the moniker "eat life"...yep, I love to eat but I also have tried my whole life to eat life in great big gulps, getting as much out of it as possible.

so, come along on this should be fun!

~um num!


  1. Very cool! I've added this to my favorites. Not sure how often I'll get out to GR to try any of the restaurants you critique, but I'll still follow along. :)


  2. thanks for the support, Kim! Love ya :)

  3. thanks, are either my Pop or my one else calls me Kitta!

  4. You did it. Congrats. I don't read any blogs regularly but I will keep your at the top of the list!

  5. thanks, alison. love you and miss you! when are you coming to visit?