Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hi there blog...where ya been?


     yeah, um, here's the thing. i have not touched this blog in 2 years..i've been a little busy with life...raising kids, homeschooling, creating a relationship with Jesus and, well just generally living.


i thought i'd give it another go for a bit, just a place to share what's going on, maybe to relieve all my facebook friends of my constant posts about food and baking and juicing and being vegan and smoothies and gluten free and dairy free and then NOT being vegan and being vegetarian and grass fed beef and then NOT being gluten free.

well you get the idea...

i admit to being a complete freak about food. i am constantly trying to get healthier and get my family healthier by way of what we put past our teeth...i also admit to not always being right and changing my mind quite often!

currently we are in the midst of a huge change here as we take the entire family, kicking and screaming, gluten-free and dairy-free in an all out effort to clear up my son's skin rashes, gut issues and reflux. plus, try to get some handle on his ADD...and hopefully to give us all better sinus and gut health and well, overall health I guess.

as for me? my main focus right now is a 40 day cleanse of body, mind and soul as I read "a call to die" devotional book and fast from solid food for almost 6 weeks.

this will require untold amounts of prayer.


it seems nuts but there is precedent for long term fasting throughout God's word and this is a time in my life when i need to just get a handle on the difference between feeding my flesh and feeding my body.


pray for me would you? pray for me to see these changes thru for our family. pray for wisdom and strength.

pray for my vitamix.

i'll post recipes. i'll post devotions. i'll post rants. i'll post prayers...

so here we go if you care to come along for the ride :-)

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