Wednesday, January 2, 2013

rockin' raw soupie

ok, so it's not strictly a smoothie since there are a few chunks for your teeth to enjoy, but its ALMOST  a smoothie.

that's my story and i'm stickin' to it.

raw veggie soupie (get it???)

4 cups organic vegetable broth (pref homemade and def GF)
3 ginormous handfuls of hearty greens (i used a mix of collard, mustard and turnip)
1 pint organic mushrooms
1 med green bell pepper
1/2 white onion

heat broth until just steaming, not simmering or boiling!

meanwhile, jam Vitamix full of greens, 'shrooms, pepper and onion

season broth with garlic and/or other herbs and then pour steaming broth right into yer Vitamix, put the lid on tight and blend at 3-4 just until kinda chunky...or however you like.

eat or drink your soupie!! you will not believe how incredibly delicious this super-simple-soupie (i crack myself up) full of flavor, it explodes :-)


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