Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mourning the loss of Seymour

about two years ago I created a sourdough starter. we named him seymour.

as in, "feed me seymour"? get it?

he made wonderful bread. really wonderful grain-filled loaves of love.


my kids are not happy, to say the least. they started most days with several slices of seymour, toasted and dripping in butter.

so did i.


the mission becomes creating a sourdough coconut flour starter, a paleo starter.

apparently this will be the first in the world because everything I've read suggests it cannot be done.

oh yeah? we shall see.

all props to my favoite sourdough grain-based cookbook and it's author, the amazing chad robertson....such wonderful loaves of bread.

here's how one normally makes a wheat-based ferment...

here's how i am attempting a coconut-based ferment...

50 grams of organic coconut flour...

200 grams of spring water...

kinda resembles playdough....not gonna work...

so i added about 200 grams more of spring water...

which makes for a liquid starter, but, hey we are in uncharted territory here, so let's give it a whirl, shall we?

now here is my (hopefully) secret weapon...probiotic capsules. definitely NOT something you would see in a wheat starter but i am just not sure how much wild yeast digs coconut flour, so i thought i would give the local flora a boost with billions of good bugs.

so below is the start of something great (i hope). we named him pauleo. get it? so, off to the dark cupboard you go, pauleo. we'll see you in a few days when hopefully you will be bubbling and a bit stinky (in a good way).

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