Wednesday, January 9, 2013

my paleo lunch

i love mexican food. really, really love it. every bit of it's ooey-gooey-cheesy-corn-chipy-goodness. pre-paleo we had taco night at least once a week.
it was sacrosanct.
but now, well, it just doesn't seem doable. how do you have a taco without a wheat or corn tortilla? or cheese? or tomatoes? (for those of us on the AI protocol)
then i got to thinking...
one of the things i really love about mexican involves none of those ingredients: guacamole!
of course, you do have to have some sort of chip to get it to your mouth, although i am seriously NOT above just shoveling the stuff in my pie hole with a spoon.
just sayin'.

so i remembered reading something about making your own potato chips in the microwave but, of course, AI protocol and white potatoes for me.

(i fried up a mess of them the other day, thinking this rule didn't apply to me and ate a ton. i felt like crap for two days. ugh.)

and also? guac on potato chips just sounds...gross.

but, hey! why not sweet potato chips? sounds good to me! so i got out my trusty mandoline slicer so i could get the sweet potatoes really thin, some olive oil and salt and went to work.

i set the mandoline to it's thinnest setting and sliced up about 1/4 of one peeled sweet potato.

you can do this by hand, but to get the thinnest possible chips, you are gonna need some serious knife skills.

please do not cut yourself, chips are not worth blood.

spray a piece of parchment with the oil of your choice....i used olive oil as i am still panting by the mailbox waiting for my gallon of pure coconut oil to arrive.


then, place raw chips on parchment, spray again with some oil and sprinkle with salt...use a light hand with the salt as it is easy to over-do it.

i trimmed up my parchement to fit better in the microwave and to allow it to turn could probably just use a paper plate, but this holds a lot more chips!

i must be very secure to take a picture of the inside of my microwave.

now, just zap them! every micro is different, so watch them close. i cooked 'em for 4 minutes, removed the ones that were done and zapped the rest for another minute.

be sure to wait a minute or two before deciding to cook them more if you think they aren't crispy enough. they crisp up quite a bit as they cool.

now, for the star of the meal...the guacamole.

so simple, anyone can make it yummy.

i don't have a recipe, per se, i just sorta throw it all in and taste as i go.  you should too.

but, you'll need:

 one ripe avocado

 juice of half a lime

 a clove of fresh garlic

 cumin seed 


see? just chop, squeeze, sprinkle and so so so good...

one perfect bite. one perfect paleo mexican bite.


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